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MMI a high quality, low cost, and short lead time extension to your MFG/Supply Chain
Provide Shelter Services and Contract Sewing

Welcome to Mexican Manufacturers Inc.

What Are We?

Your Quality, Low Cost, Short Lead time extension of your Supply Chain 

Provide Manufacturing Services-Shelter Division
-Move your manufacturing processes and equipment into our factory 
 and save 50% in Labor

Provide Contract Sewing-Sewn Products Division
Diverse capability Upholstery, Garment, Bedding, Special Programs

Hedge against uncertainty of labor cost in US, Benefits, Tax laws, Minimum wage 

Analyze products coming back to North America
  • Offer ways to keep BOM price competitive to China
  • Assist in Supply Chain Mapping
  • Optimizing Supply Chain for Cost, Service and Inventory Optimization
Our Customers Focus on their Business not Mexico
  • MMI provides expertise in Mexican administrative and corporate functions
  • MMI provides management of all customs & cross-border functions
  • MMI is the only shelter provider who is hands-on in day-to-day manufacturing operations.
Other Advantages
  • Low capital expenditures
  • Customers are anonymous
  • Customers can “graduate” to become stand alone

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